Supergirl Season 2 End of Season Opinions

I did it for Season 1, and I’m going to do it for all seasons of Supergirl!


It goes without saying that I will be discussing the plot points and characters for this show, so there will be spoilers in this post. If you intend on watching the show and do not like spoilers, it might be better to watch it first before reading this post.

If you missed my post on Season 1, you can find it here. Season 2 was a big season for Supergirl. The show changed networks from CBS to CW (where all the other superhero shows air). The show also broke a record for the largest crossover event done, the 4-way crossover, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also got to hear Supergirl sing in the musical crossover, which was a treat. But if you ask me about my thoughts on the entire season as a whole, it gets a thumbs down.

The season itself has been a rollercoaster. It started off with a blast, with a guest visit from Superman with some great antagonists like Metallo, a Kryptonite-powered villain. The show slowed down a little bit in terms of plot but quickly picked up with the 4-way crossover, which was just great and enjoyable. But it soon went downhill after that. Even the finale, while having some good scenes, really wasn’t that great, had many plot holes. If you enjoy my rants on this blog, you’re going to love this post.

Let’s start with the characters. The writers have filled the show with characters that serve no purpose to the plot. I’m going to begin with a character that I absolutely hate: Mon-El. What’s worse is the writers have decided that this would be Kara’s love interest. I’m not even sure where to start, but there’s so much to rant about.

Mon-El is basically a cowardly, selfish, spoiled, entitled, frat-boy, who does not respect Kara in any way, shape or form. If you disagree with me, I’ll point you to what he says to Kara about why she enjoys being Supergirl. Or the point where he brags about him dating her in front of the entire DEO, despite her asking him not to earlier. Coupling someone like Kara (who any man would be lucky to have has his girlfriend) with someone like Mon-El is just insulting to the character. She is a character that I absolutely love. I feel that in doing that, the writers take away from the true meaning of who she is. What the writers did is couple up a character that is so pure, with a former slave-master.

Throughout the entire season, they keep bringing up the fact that he’s changed as a way of justifying her relationship with him. Let me tell you this: people do not change, at least not in the way that they claim he has. His sole intentions of staying on Earth (and being selfless) was because he wanted to sleep with Kara. That is not being selfless. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He had a chance to rebuild his planet and help his people, but chose, rather, to stay with Kara for selfish reasons. Plus, and I repeat, he was a former slave-master. I can’t imagine someone with that broken of a moral compass suddenly change his mindset.

The core behavior of a person (things like greed, selfishness and malice) do not change. Small things do. These are big traits that define who a person is, and comes about from years and years of being alive, memories, decisions and choices. You see this in the episode where Kara loses her powers on Slaver’s Moon. In the scene where she is literally tazered twice, he does nothing to stop them from hurting her. If it were me, I would do everything in my power to protect the girl I love from getting hurt, no matter the cost, no matter how much pain I would have to go through. A girl like Kara deserves infinitely better than Mon-El – someone that understands her, appreciates her and loves her for who she is, and most of all, respects her.

I cannot begin to state how much I hate Mon-El. He is a character that does not deserve to be with someone like Kara. He disrespects her, doesn’t really care about anyone other than himself (despite the writers trying to convince the audience otherwise) and is basically a coward who prefers to run away from the problem rather than face it head on. So, why does this plot arc even exist? I’ll point the blame at two groups of people:

  1. The vocal minority that mostly sit on Tumblr, one of the most toxic echo-chambers of social justice warriors that has ever existed on the internet
  2. The writers that chose to listen to the people mentioned above

Before I go on, I will say that not all of Tumblr is a toxic cesspool. There exists a Tumblr blog that I have grown to be particularly fond of, by a user named “comickergirl“. She draws some of the most adorable Supergirl fan art I have ever seen and is able to capture the very essence of Kara that I truly love. Her baby Supergirl drawings are too cute, too! I wish I could post some of her work here on this blog, but it would be extremely unfair to her. Do check her work out here. I highly encourage you to do so!

At the start of the season, they introduce us to Cadmus, a group of anti-alien criminals, what we would think would be the main antagonist of the season. And that is what the season seemed to be heading towards, until the introduction of Mon-El as a “main” character. From there, they just rerail the entire arc, justifying Rhea (his mother) as the antagonist instead. It seems that the writers just backtracked on all the plot elements that they wanted to set up, just to justify the existence of his character. Suddenly, they forget about Cadmus, and we have an overbearing, controlling and frankly, irrelevant antagonist that’s just throwing a tantrum, instead of a formidable organization.

Next character on my list: Maggie. Yes, Alex’s coming out arc was great and arguably the best on television. But again, Maggie serves no purpose to the plot. Even the episode where with Alex’s kidnapping, you could remove Maggie from the plot, and everything would remain the same.

And finally: James. As Kara’s crush in the first season, this guy is nowhere to be seen. The new Guardian storyline simply serves no purpose. It might be James’ calling to be a hero, but the show is not called “Guardian”. It’s called “Supergirl”. I watch this show to watch the Girl of Steel kick butt. Not some other random dude fighting crime in the back alleys. Apparently, the writers thought coupling Kara up with him was “too boring” because there “wouldn’t be enough drama”, which is why the writers opted to couple her up with Mon-El instead. Here’s the thing: good, healthy relationships have other dimensions to them that make them stories worth telling. It’s not always the explosive, dramaic relationships that are interesting.

In Season 1, the relationship between Kara and Cat Grant, and Kara and Alex made the show special. While Callista Flockhart was unable to travel to Vancouver (where the show is now shooting) and hence the character basically removed from the show, Chyler Leigh (who plays Alex) is still there. It was that bond between her and her sister that the writers captured so perfectly that made people enjoy the show. Most of the time, I found the best scenes were those with the two of them.

Adding so many new characters without purpose has taken away from that. Both, Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh are incredibly talented actresses who deserve significantly more screen-time. Supergirl had a strong cast to start, and instead of playing on the cast’s strengths, the writers have chosen to dilute it with a squad of characters that serve no purpose to the main storyline. And there was a noticable difference. The return of Cat Grant for the final two episodes made the show feel different in some way. Her charisma and her role as Supergirl’s mentor gave the episode that dose of nostalgia the show needed.

Of course, the writers could always justify the existence of characters by creating plots that revolve around that one character (Alex’s kidnapping to justify Maggie’s character, or the episode with the telekinetic boy to justify James character). However, just as easily, one could have a building dropped on those characters at any point and the show would go on without any problem. In fact, I’ve started doing that in the show. I never used to forward any scene from Season 1. In Season 2, I’ve forwarded all the scenes with Kara and Mon-El. I forward all the scenes with Maggie and Alex. I also forward all the Guardian scenes unless they involve the main antagonist. Guess what? I missed nothing in the plot.

People that cry out “character development” don’t seem to understand that character development should only be done if said development adds value to the main story arc. I literally skipped most of the James-centric episode and missed nothing. Such episodes are just a waste of time and money. I don’t care about James, or any of the other characters in the show for that matter. I care about Kara, I care about Supergirl. If the writers can’t find a reasonable way of integrating those characters with Supergirl’s arc, those characters should not even exist.

And this is where I believe the biggest problem with the show lies. The show had a great cast, with very talented actors, and instead of utilizing the actors’ talents, they chose to bring more, irrelevant, weaker actors just to satisfy the vocal minority. As a result, the ratings for the show have dropped. Melissa Benoist is an incredibly talented actress. People consistently nominate her for awards and she has even won one for her role as Supergirl. But rather than giving her a more central role in the show, the writers have decided quite the opposite. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show were renamed to “Random People and Supergirl” during its next season.

The creators have promised more crossovers in Season 3 as they will be able to better schedule the actors’ time slots. However, that is not the point. The issue is pandering to the vocal minority has caused a significant decrease in the show’s viewership. In a way they’ve taken away from the show’s integrity. They have removed what made the show great (Alex and Kara’s relationship) and crammed it full of crap that I, and apparently, a lot of the viewership don’t care about (Mon-El, Maggie, James). One could argue that they did send Mon-El off into space, never to be able to return again (as what is hinted by the finale).

I would agree that it is something that I would celebrate. I would be saying “good riddance”. However, it is my understanding the Mon-El is a recurring character in Season 3 of Supergirl. Can’t say that I’m surprised (the writers haven’t shown the best judgement). So, until I’m sure that he is going to get minimal screen-time, which I highly doubt, there’s nothing good that will come out of that. Perhaps he will end up joining the Legion of Superheroes (the ring is in the Fortress of Solitude), I’m not going to hold my breath.

Legion Ring

Don’t get me wrong, Kara deserves to be happy. But she also deserves a lot better man (if you can call him that) than Mon-El. They based the entire storyline on the fact that Mon-El was selfish, the exact opposite of what Kara is. Others may argue that she had a positive effect on him, which again, I somewhat disagree with. Even in the finale, he could have taken selfless measures to stop the invasion but didn’t.

Also, the argument that Kara had a positive effect on him is a moot point. She has a positive effect on everyone. It’s who she is. Kara always has the ability to bring out the best in people. She sees the good in people, gives them hope and inspiration. It what makes her so great. The writers did get one thing right. They were able to capture how pure and selfless Kara is. Her constant self-sacrifice to protect the people she loves and save the world is humbling. And she does it, knowing the pain it would cause her. It is bravery in its purest form. It is one of the many reasons why I admire her so much.

Next up on the list is the finale. The finale is supposed to be the episode where the show ends with a bang. Don’t get me wrong, there definitely was a lot of bling, and the fight scene between Supergirl and Superman was great. But the plot holes in the finale just ruined everything. Where is the army? It would’ve been a cake-walk to counter the invasion, especially since Daxamites are weak to Lead.

Also, dispersing tiny aerosolized Lead particles across the entire city doesn’t seem to be a wise move. There we just so many problems with the finale, all brought upon the introduction of the Mon-El story arc. I can’t help but think the story would have been a lot better if the writers took a completely different path. The entire show is about Supergirl, but the writers have seem to forgotten about that. Even the finale, it was about Mon-El. Not about her.

Finally, one tiny complaint about the season is the makeup work. I sometimes found that the makeup artists applied a little too much blush to Supergirl. Melissa Benoist needs a very minimal amount of makeup to look great (especially while wearing that suit!). I’m not quite sure why the makeup artists have opted to use makeup excessively, instead of let her natural beauty shine. I’m also not sure whether it’s just me, or if the lighting was off that further emphasized it, but it was something I picked up, particularly towards the later episodes. Like I said, not a big deal.

So, is there anything good that has come out of the show? Yes, there are a few things. The moving of the show from CBS to CW means that crossovers are more likely. This means we get to see more interactions with other heroes. Kara and Barry (the Flash) have such a great chemistry together that I’d like to see more of (I talk about this in the Musical Crossover post I did). I’d also like to see some more interaction between Kara and Sarah Lance and Mick Rory from DC Legends of Tomorrow. I think there’s a lot of room for some great comedy there.

The guest appearances of Superman in show is also good. I feel that they did not overdo it and he never overshadowed her. The fight she had with Superman had great choreography too. I also think Tyler Hoechlin makes a great superman. A lot of people had issues with the fact that Supergirl was able to beat Superman one-on-one, but that’s not surprising. Supergirl has always been stronger than Superman in the comics (although the origin stories do differ between the TV show and the comics). The last episode’s shooting did have some humourous moments. This was a tweet from the shooting:

Supergirl Smack

If you want to watch the actual clip that was on social media (looks like she clocked him pretty good), you can see it below. Plus, you get the added bonus of listening to her burst out laughing, which is always entertaining.

Additionally, the introduction of Lena Luthor was a surprisingly positive thing. The purely platonic friendship she has with Lena (played by Katie McGrath who also happens to be really talented) is something that the writers have also said is going to be explored in the third season. Combined with the subconscious tension while you think “is this where she betrays Kara?” really created an interesting experience.

Additionally, there exists a fan-base which want Kara and Lena to couple up (who call themselves “SuperCorp”. But rather than push pro-feminist and LGBT views, they’ve decided to provide the Supergirl fan-base with some very hilarious memes, GIF’s and pictures, many of which are too inappropriate to post on this blog. But here’s an example of one that I found pretty funny:

Supergirl Meme

And finally, posters. Oh, the posters! The CW have released some fantastic posters. I intend printing some out and putting them up on my wall. The quality of work varied between poster to poster, but in general I was very happy with the art. Every time I heard that there was a new Supergirl poster released (usually done a week before the release of a key episode), it was like Christmas came early.

Supergirl Poster

Will I continue to watch Supergirl? Yes, of course. I cannot describe in words how much I love this character and what she means to me. You can read my thoughts about her here. But I am extremely annoyed to see the show about a character that I care so deeply about be bastardized by people that stand for exactly what the character is not about. I’ve loved this character ever since I learnt about her, way back in 2001. I want her to be the greatest, coolest, most awesome superhero on TV. The weakness of the show is not with Melissa Benoist (who people will compare every Supergirl in the future to). It is with all the other garbage (primarily Mon-El) that the writers have crammed into the show for the sake of pleasing an irrelevant, toxic minority.

Edit: It looks like the cast had a fairly negative experience with the 2017 ComicCon due to this toxic Tumblr minority. It is somewhat sad, to say the least. Even sadder is that it was the SuperCorp fans. It is my understanding that the cast has no say in what happens to the story. The writers are entirely to blame for this. It is a shame really that the cast is getting the flak, whereas it should the writers. Perhaps if they had a little taste of the hell the cast are being put through, they’d realize that these kinds of people should not be entertained. Their wants, needs, fantasies not catered to. They should be ignored and left to complain in the only place where they will be listened to (by other like-minded people)…  that toxic cesspool called Tumblr.

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