Supergirl Season 3 End of Season Opinions

Being a huge Supergirl fan, I couldn’t help not doing an opinion piece!


As usual, I will be discussing plot points of the show, so if you haven’t watched it to the very end and intend on doing so, you might want to stop reading!

I have done opinion pieces on the previous seasons as well. You can find my opinion of Season 1 here and Season 2 here. There’s quite a lot to talk about so let’s begin.

The first thing I enjoyed about the season was that it was more focused on Kara than the previous season. They brought back attention to the relationship she has with her sister and the relationship she has with her friends. But more important, we got to delve a little bit into her psyche. What makes her who she is. Particularly interesting was the episode with Psi, who forces people to live their worst fears. We learn that every decision she makes places a burden on her and she fears having killed someone as a result of a decision she makes. We expect her to not take her role as a hero lightly. However, I find it quite humbling that she doesn’t. Having an episode where we learnt more about her was great.

Also, the Midvale episode was fantastic. We got to see a little bit into Kara’s youth and how she adapted as an alien teenage girl on Earth. That was a really touching episode, with a great performance on both actress’ behalf.

The next thing I enjoyed about the season was the Crisis on Earth X crossover, which is a true crossover of the four shows of the Arrowverse. The outstanding performance of Melissa Benoist during that crossover made it an absolute treat to watch. From her singing talent, to her amazing performance as Overgirl. You can find my review of that crossover here.

And then there was the battle with Reign, where Supergirl suffered her most brutal defeat in the Season. I have to say that while the scenes were great, they had a significant impact on me. It’s important to understand that Supergirl is a hero I look up to. She is a hero I have admired ever since I was young. Watching her get beaten until she was comatose was not only hard to watch, but it impacted me severely for several days. I had trouble sleeping, and I couldn’t get the image of her lying there, hurt, out of my mind. And while I do understand it is just a show, I was watching my hero, a hero that I love be hurt. Not an easy thing to do and I hope I do not get to see something like that again. Even writing this paragraph brings back those memories.

I had other issues with the season too. There were scenes that had me raise my eyebrows. Particularly one that I can remember was when Supergirl takes Psi and Livewire to Fort Rozz to learn more about Reign. Apparently, males cannot survive whereever it is (which is a weak plot point in itself), but at some point someone says “the lesser sex”, referring to a male. Do you want to know how to make people anti-feminist? You say shit like that. If the genders were reversed in that scene, the CW would have a press conference to apologize for any disrespect caused. Just because it goes with feminism apparently means it’s okay to insult males. I’ve gone on a rant about feminism before. Feminism is about equality, not turning the tables. The sooner the writers realize that going full feminazi is bad for their cause, the better.

There was a point that sparked a huge amount of debate on the fan sites. That was the disagreement between Supergirl and Lena Luthor. I just wanted to throw my own two cents at this issue. For those of you that are unaware, the issue is this: Lena did not tell Supergirl that she had Kryptonite. Supergirl is upset and there is a huge argument about it.

My view is this: I totally get where Supergirl is coming from, and the argument that Lena posed is invalid. She claims that humans are vulnerable to many things but they learn to live with it. That is true, but many people are aware of the dangers they face and take appropriate measures. That’s why we have rules, laws and regulations. If Kryptonite were to fall into the wrong hands, it’s not the pain that Supergirl fears, it’s the fear of not being able to help someone. You see that response when she loses her powers in Season 1. However, I will say this: her asking James to spy on Lena was in poor taste and could be handled much better. However, I’m still on Supergirl’s side for this one.

The other good thing that happened this season was Mon-El leaving. After reading that he has left the show and will not be returning, I could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t have to see this womanizer, slave-master and coward any more. I find it particularly amusing that the writers want use to sympathize with him. He comes back as this wise man that’s now a hero. But funnily enough, he was still a coward. When Kara was in a coma, he was reluctant to help fight Reign. And several times throughout the season, he claims to have feelings for Kara and spends an oddly large amount of time with her.

Here’s the thing though: he’s a married man. He’s been married for several years. And regardless of what his reasons for marriage are, when you make a promise to someone, you better keep it. It’s this bastardization of marriage by Western ideals and its corruption by Western values that annoys me. It’s okay to have feelings for someone who is not your spouse. But you should not act on them. You’ve made a life-time commitment to someone and you should keep it. I guess what could you expect from a womanizer? I have been enjoying watching all the people that wanted Mon-El and Kara together cry on the fan-sites. Mon-El brought out the worst in Kara. And I’m glad he’s gone.

And while we’re on the subject of stupid fanbases, apparently, the Alex + Maggie fanbase had hired a plane to fly over the studio. It had a sign that wanted to get Maggie back on the show. Of course, the noise of the plane disrupted the filming, much to everyone’s annoyance. It’s this kind of fanbase that I had. Seriously, if I were the showrunner, I would have brought Maggie back only to get shot and killed. The only way to ensure the fanbase goes away is to ensure there is no way for the character to come back. So yes… I wish they had killed Mon-El off instead. These fanbases should just go back to Tumblr where they belong.

One thing that I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did was the Martian storyline. Particularly towards the end of the season, there were some incredibly touching scenes between J’onn and his father. Just an amazing job done by both actors.

As is customary for these posts, I usually include a clip of Melissa being awesome behind the scenes. Here’s one of her giving a heart with a beaming smile to her fans:

Supergirl Heart

One particular issue I have with the show is how fragmented the plot elements are. The writers ended the plot with Morgan Edge fairly anti-climactically. I was somewhat expecting him to be the big bad. The plot with Argo city was relatively uneventful. Here’s the thing: the Supergirl mythos is a massive one. There are tons of great characters to choose from. There are many amazing places to visit. I think the writers may have been overwhelmed with how much there is to explore. They seem to want to explore everything at once and are screwing the whole thing up.

I’d much rather a plot line that centers around a single character and watch the development that way. I don’t mind the odd episode where we get to see other places. On the contrary, they keep the episode fresh. However, I’d like to see actual, good conclusions to plot lines rather than have them wasted on support characters.

Also, what I want to see more of the relationship between Alex and Kara. I want that relationship to be the centerpiece of the show because it’s a really good one. It is something that makes the show unique to the other Arrowverse shows. I don’t want to see relationship drama. I don’t want to see James’ Guardian either. They’re just boring, bland and cliche.

And finally, the last scene of the finale episode. I can’t believe they did that without hinting who that Kara is. We see..her… basically clothed in just rags appearing somewhere in Siberia after Supergirl uses the Harun-El on Reign.

Dark Supergirl?

My guess? The Harun-El is actually Black Kryptonite and it caused Kara to be split into a good version and an evil version (above) of Dark Supergirl. Here’s an image from after the split in the comics:

Comic Dark Supergirl

If that is the case, then I think I know what next season is going to be. It’s going to be filled with America vs. Russia propaganda. This is because of the lack of tact on behalf of the CW writers. And it appears that the US is mad with Russian involvement in their elections. So what better platform to voice your political agenda than using a US vs. Russia plot where the big bad aligns with the Russians?

Let’s just hope the writers have more tact the following season than they had in this one. I highly doubt it, but one can always hope. The Dark Supergirl plot line was really cool in the comics and I think there’s a ton of great potential there. It just has to be done well. Melissa definitely has the talent to pull off that role. Her portrayal as Overgirl in the Crisis on Earth X was perfect.

I cannot wait for the next season. I’m really excited to see what challenges Supergirl will face. This season was great overall. But it could improve on some other things. I think if the writers were a little less heavy handed with the political agendas, this show could be one of the greatest Arrowverse shows out there.

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