YouTube Spotlight: Technology Connections

Here’s a channel that talks about the evolution of technology and how engineers got past complex problems: Technology Connections.

Technology Connections Logo

Technology Connections is a channel hosted by Alec Watson. In his channel, Alec talks about the history and the evolution of technology. He covers the initial design intent, talks about the problems engineers faced, and then explains the solutions they came up with.

Usually on the channel, Alec will dissect a particular piece of hardware and show all its moving parts. I find this to be a really nice touch, because you can actually see what is happening inside.

The videos range roughly between 10-20 minutes long, depending on the topic. However, I find these videos well-worth the watch. A particular favourite of mine is the series that Alec did on the LaserDisk. He speaks clearly, and definitely knows what he’s talking about. What’s more, I learnt a lot of cool things just by watching his videos.

His release schedule is fairly infrequent. You can expect a video once every couple of weeks. But every one of these videos has a lot of effort put into it and is of a very high quality. Plus, you’ll learn something new in the process.

If you want to learn something new about older technology, this channel is one you should check it. It won’t fill up your sub box and is interesting to watch.

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