TED Talks: From Glory to Ruin

I actually wanted to do a YouTube spotlight of TED Talks. However I realized that I had unsubscribed from the channel several years ago. Only after visiting the channel, I remembered why.

TED Talks Logo

If you go back about 5 years ago, TED talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) were at the pinnacle of great presentations. Presenters from all over the world would flock to the venue to present ideas that challenged your way of thinking.

Unfortunately, that spark has long since faded and TED Talks ended up being a big waste of time. In fact, it wasn’t even worth keeping it in my sub box on YouTube.

I was a strong advocate for TED Talks a long time ago. The talks had some great ideas portrayed by some very talented people. But over time, I noticed that talks often had some kind of agenda behind them.

I noticed inventors used TED Talks to try and push their own product. Authors would try to push their own books among others. Some people tried to push their own political agendas – something which I care very little for. If you visited the TED Talks Youtube channel a few years ago, you’d see a lot of presentations on new developments in science, some great pieces of art and architecture – genuine brain food. Nowadays, you’ll see talks on feminism, politics, racism, and other extremely sensitive topics. They only seem interested in these topics, rather than ones that lie within the subject matters that they should cover.

It is a shame, because I liked TED Talks at their prime. Now, they seem to act as a political platform so people can spread their own political agenda and views to the public.

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