YouTube Spotlight: Today I Found Out

Wondering if you can learn something new every day? Well, wonder no more, because Today I Found Out can help you!

Today I Found Out Logo

Today I Found Out is a channel that is hosted by Simon Whistler. The premise of the channel is to answer questions like “Why is mustard yellow, when mustard seeds are anything but that?”. Sometimes, the channel will upload a video talking about the interesting history behind someone or something. For example, how C came to be the default drive letter for an operating system.

This channel instantly caught my interest the moment I found out about it. I think I ended up binge-watching more than 2 hours of video in a single sitting. That is quite a lot, considering some videos are only 5-minutes long. Speaking of which, video lengths can vary greatly. Some can be as short as 3 minutes while some of the longer ones can go to around 15 minutes.

Simon is a great presenter, speaks very clearly and involves a moderate amount of humour when necessary to keep the videos interesting. They put out videos on a daily basis, so you can quench your curiosity. It is a great channel worth checking out and subscribing to.

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