Supergirl Collection Spotlight: Turner Supergirl Statue

The Turner Supergirl Statue is quite an old statue and was one of the first statues that I actually won through an auction.

Turner Supergirl Statue

This Supergirl statue was one of the first ones I bought after I got serious into becoming a Supergirl collector. In fact, it was the first item I ever won through an eBay auction, further adding to its sentimental value.

The statue was sculpted by Tim Bruckner and is based on Michael Turner’s Supergirl art. If you are not familiar with his Supergirl art, here’s an example of the iconic look that he is known for.

Turner Supergirl Art

In fact, you might notice the art looks very similar to the statue, and that’s because it is! there are actually two size variants of this statue: a mini and a full size. The full-size statue stands about 12 inches tall with a total production count of 2500. The mini-statue stands around 5 inches tall with a total production count of 3000. I do not have the mini-statue because it looks identical to the full-size. It’s only a scaled-down version of its larger counterpart. I couldn’t find an official release date for the statue, but it looks like it first appeared in 2011.Turner Statue Face

The statue is very simplistic, and minimalistic in its design. There are little feature highlights present on the statue, but it does not have anywhere near the level of detail as some of my other statues.Turner Statue Back

The lack of detail doesn’t really show up until you look at the back of the statue, particularly the hair. You’ll notice the hair appears in very thick locks. I’m personally not sure whether it was a conscious choice on behalf of the sculptor or lack of resources/technology. I think it’s the former. You’ll notice the same minimalistic elements applied to Turner’s art as well.

Turner Statue Base

One of the more impressive parts of the statue is the base. Notice how the color fades from the transparent color to the green crystals. What I like about the base is the inherent randomness present. The base is not symmetric.

Ironically, what makes the statue so great is also its greatest weakness… literally. The base is the most fragile part of the statue and one of the first things to get damaged during transport. You’ll find many statues for sale which have some of the crystals damaged.

Overall, I quite like this statue. It’s not my favourite by any means, but it does hold a little bit of history.


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