Duck Battle Submission Page

Hi Dan!

Welcome to my Duck battle submission page. I just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun in your game theory classes. The examples you provided in class were not only interesting, but also had that slight humerous undertone, making classes all the more fun.

Below, you will find two submissions for the Duck Battle, both of which I think you will find interesting.

Submission 1: God Duck

God Duck

Since cheating in games seemed to have been a key aspect in this course (my marks took a big hit due to cheating in one of the games we played), I decided to create God Duck more as a proof of concept. With the power to create, destroy, and change the laws of nature, he is guaranteed to beat any other duck thrown at him. However, in light of the tournament rules, I don't believe that you'd accept him as my submission (although you're more than welcome to if you choose to do so!).

The code can be found here. Note that I have converted the code to a protected m file (it can still be run normally, though), just for added wow factor. If you'd like to see the actual source code, let me know and I'll send you an unprotected copy. But for now, use God Duck to unleash unstoppable power!

Submission 2: Smart Duck

Smart Duck

If you choose to disqualify God Duck as my submission, then take this as my main submission. Smart Duck's strategy is based on probabilities, careful observations and foresight, as well as a relatively advanced learning algorithm. That is, the strategy that is played by him improves as time commences. The learning algorithm attempts to find trends in the overall duck system, and use those trends to not only take advantage of the other strategy, but also to make the better choices in the long run by performing more accurate predictions.

The code can be found here.


Depending on how everything plays out (no pun intended), feel free to add bonus marks for God Duck. He's surely a duck you will never see again :)

I'd also appreciate feedback on what you think about GodDuck (and if you're interested in seeing the code). My Qlink is 5fjha. Feel free to contact me through that, or through my main email address.



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